Lane Coburn & Associates sets the highest standards for design/engineering services. These services include complete design of your project's electrical system. These services include but are not limited to the following: conceptual design, utility coordination, power system design, lighting system design, mechanical coordination, fire alarm design/coordination, special systems design/coordination, specifications, power studies, energy audits, cost estimating, utility rebate coordination, Neher-McGrath, plan review coordination, peer review ,construction administration & Expert Witness.

DESIGN COORDINATION Initial communications with the client is used to establish conceptual design requirements during the schematic phase of each project. Lane Coburn & Associates will make recommendations and assist the client in making decisions that may impact the electrical system, including future system capacity. Typical schematic level documentation includes preliminary load calculations, a one-line diagram, performance specifications, and a preliminary design narrative.

Continued coordination with the design team is critical during design development, permit and construction documentation phases to ensure that all aspects of the electrical system are considered. Lane Coburn & Associates will coordinate with product vendors as required to provide accurate information and ensure constructability of the project. Calculations and electrical systems design will be documented based on design criteria, sound design/engineering practice, the National Electrical Code, and all local codes.

Lane Coburn & Associates believes that the combination of sound engineering practices and active communication with other members of the design and construction teams will provide a well coordinated project with the greatest value for the owner.


  • Complete engineering
  • Telecommunications
  • Power Studies Forensic
  • Engineering Lighting Design
  • Engineering Programs
  • Neher-McGrath
  • Energy Audit Service
  • Plan Review Service
  • Green Building Team
  • Expert Witness

    Why is Lane Coburn & Associates your best choice? Lane Coburn & Associates will be a proactive member of your design team. We bring a tremendous amount of experience, know how, credentials and passion to the table. Your project will get the attention it deserves.

    Lane Coburn & Associates understands that design/engineering is an interactive process. We will listen to your needs. Collaboration between our staff, the owner and other design team members is key to gaining a clear understanding of the parameters and project requirements.

    Once you have seen the strength of Lane Coburn & Associates and how well we work with all members of the design and construction teams, we are convinced that you will continue to use Lane Coburn & Associates as your consultant and/or design/build electrical team member.


    Lane Coburn & Associates holds in-house Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) meetings during the course of each project to ensure that all aspects of the design meet code requirements and client expectations. These reviews typically occur at the startup, 25%, 75% and 100% design stages. Lane Coburn & Associates utilizes the experience of all of key members to provide superior contract documents.


    Lane Coburn & Associates can provide a complete Power Systems Study. These studies can include; fuse/breaker coordination studies, ground fault studies, fault current calculations, asymmetric fault current calculations, voltage drop analysis, load flow analysis, relay protection setting analysis, time current curve analysis, generator sizing analysis and harmonics analysis. We utilize our experience, knowledge and a number of sophisticated software programs and spreadsheets to provide a comprehensive analysis of your system.

    Lane Coburn and Associates has a significant amount of expertise and experience in the design and troubleshooting of underground installations including ampacity calculations using the Neher-McGrath equations.


    Keith Lane has a significant amount of experience in the design and troubleshooting of critical facilities. Keith has been the Engineer of Record for many data centers, call centers, collocation facilities, communication facilities and medical facilities. In addition, Keith has been asked to provide his professional opinion and analysis of several system failures.

    Keith has participated as an expert speaker on building design in a national telecast web cast. In addition, Keith has written numerous articles published nationally in Electrical Design, Maintenance and Construction Magazine, Consulting Specifying Engineering Magazine, Pure Power Magazine and BICSI Magazine. See Published Articles Section

    In addition, Keith has completed several power studies for critical facilities. These studies have included; fault current analysis, protective device coordination studies, load flow, generator sizing and arc flash studies.

    Keith has been a long time member of the National Fire Protection Agency, The 7x24 End-to-End Reliability Exchange, The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, The Washington State Society of Health Care Engineers and BICSI (Building Industries Consulting Services International). In addition, Keith has served on the Seattle Code Review Committee.